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The Mandala Lady::Art for the well-being of your heart, mind, and soul

Spiritual Well-Being

Celtic Mandala copyright 2007

It's been said that we are spiritual beings living as humans. You could think of it as our bodies are the vehicles that we use to get around in this world. They are temporary while we, as spiritual beings, are infinite. For some this can be a challenging concept and that's okay. For others, the 'spiritual being' part translates to mean our soul.

The use of mandalas is free of any spiritual belief or religion. They transcend most ancient cultures and have been used in many ways. Mostly to connect with God, the gods, or the deeper sub-conscious. Whatever your belief system is please know that mandalas can mean whatever you want them to mean.

For me they are a tool to help me have a deeper connection with myself as well as that higher part of myself that is infinite and wants to continually grow and evolve spiritually.


More information is coming for this section.

  • Use the coloring of mandalas as an active form of meditation
  • Use the fully-colored mandalas for passive meditation

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