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Intuitive Coloring Mural Community Art Project

da Vinci Days "Geekapaloosa" 2009 - July 17 and July 19

As part of the Science & Technology program of da Vinci Days, Geekapaloosa allows us to explore and play with the geek in all of us.

Intuitive Coloring Mural #1 - Completed 7/19/2009

Intuitive Coloring Mural #1

Intuitive Coloring Mural #2 - Completed 7/25/09 @ Riverfront Park, Downtown Corvallis

Intuitive Coloring Mural #2

Download 8" x 10" version to color at home

Project Description
As part of da Vinci Days’ “Geekapaloosa” Booth, I created a 4’x3’ mural design that was cut up into 4" squares pieces. Visitors to the booth, of ALL ages, were invited to pick a square at random & then color it. Once colored, it was placed in its appropriate place up on the mural board.

Here’s where the “intuitive” part comes in. The squares were mixed up and everyone colored their square without knowing in advance what the mural design was. Everyone had to just go with their instincts as to how to color their piece of the mural and what colors to use. The end product was a surprise...for all of us! A good time was had by all.

It took place on Friday, Jul 16 (da Vinci Days opening night) from 5 - 8pm; and then again on Sunday from 11 - 3 pm. Because the second mural still had 28 squares yet to color at the close of da Vinci Days, I went down to the farmers market on Saturday, July 25 and recruited more people to fill in the remaining squares. A great time was had by all!

Busy Colorers!

Lots of colorers!

Detail photos and commentary will be coming after August 1.

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