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Alpha Centauri Community Mural Art Project — Late Summer/Fall 2009

LOCATION:215 SW Fourth Street, Corvallis, OR; in the back hallway leading to the elevators that take you up to the Darkside Cinemas

BeforeThe Plan
Hallway below the Dark Side "Alpha Centauri" Project copyright 2007

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Where we are now with this project...

August 9, 2009

  • Traced 24" diameter design onto canvas
Design Traced on Canvas

As of August 6, 2009

  • Evan Scheessele, my autocad specialist, has provided two 1/3 scale copies of the elongated version of the Alpha Centauri mandala design
  • Jeremy, my partner in this project and math guru, is in the later stages of developing an application that will take straight on image and convert it to it's 'perspective' version providing points of reference we can use in conjunction with the Scheessele prints to draw out the design.
  • I primed a 30"x40" canvas to prep for a straight-on demo version of the completed Alpha Centauri mandala.
  • Emailed Amy Hunter, @ CCTV, to search out some help on possibly doing a documentary of the progress of this project.
primed canvas

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