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Book Bin Window Community Art Projects

"Da Ta" Mosiac Art / June Mandala of the Month

Sunday, June 14 - Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'll be doing a live painting in the Book Bin Window from June 14-July 5. As those of you who are familiar with this downtown Corvallis store, the window area is quite long. I only need one section of it so I thought I'd turn the rest of the wall into a community art project...well, actually...TWO community art projects.

Project Description
In the corner area of the Book Bin Window (Corvallis Store), I’ll be doing a live painting on a 4’x6’ canvas.

The remaining wall space will comprise of two community art projects. Participants have the option to do either or both of the following projects.

Wanna play? sign up here

1. Da Ta Mosaic Art
Take an old 3.5” floppy disk (which is actually a squarish shape) and decorate it, paint it, wrap it, stamp it, collage other words, be creative with it. Bring it to the Book Bin starting Sunday, June 14 through Sunday, July 5, and I’ll add it to our mural display in the window. Use your imagination!

Make it family friendly
Keep the shape as is...we want these all to fit side-by-side to create the mural

For more information or to see how these disks were made to go

Da Ta Mosaic Mural Project
2. June ‘Mandala of the Month’
Download the June MOTM or pick one up after June 1 at The Book Bin (Corvallis) or The Arts Center. Then color it any way you like and bring it to The Book Bin between Jun 18 and Jul 5 and I’ll add it to the window display.

For participants outside the Corvallis area, you can take a digital photo of you MOTM coloring and email it to me and I’ll print a copy to go on the wall.

ONLY ONE RESTRICTION: Make it family friendly

3. Escher-Style Big Fish (for da Vinci Days Avenue of Imagination)
From a lot of 5" fish, the plan is to create one large fish that will go on display as part of the Avenue of Imagination for da Vinci Days. You can watch it grow in the window.
View more info or download fish to color

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