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My Art Projects


Live Painting in Book Bin Window, 4th & Madison, Downtown Corvallis - June 14 - July 5
Continue to follow the progress of the "Bangles" Mandala on my Blog
Read about the community art project related to this event


The She Project
My painting, "She swims with the daisies...", is one of 145 paintings on display at the Corvallis Public Library through the month of June.
I'll have photos added here soon

Mandala Illustrations in 'Soul of the Heart', by author, Catherine VanWetter, MSW.

da Vinci Days 2009 | Big Fish: Sammie
Commissioned to created a 32" fish as the promotional fish for the 2009 da Vinci Days Avenue of Imagination promotional piece.
Completed 4/16/2009
I wrote a 4-part blog (with photos) my entire process, from beginning to end. To see how it was made go to my blog: Art Progressions

da Vinci Days 2009 | Big Fish: Tlingit Salmon
I had an extra salmon cut out from "Sammie" that I decided to do another salmon and in a completely different style
Completed 5/27/2009
To see how it was made go to my blog: Art Progressions

da Vinci Days 2008 — Sidewalk Chalk Art
Read the blog post that describes how I created and colored the "Nautilus" Mandala.
Completed Saturday, July 17, 2008
"Nautilus" Mandala Sidewalks Art copyright 2007

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