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The Mandala Lady::Art for the well-being of your heart, mind, and soul

The Art Gallery

Symmetry Mandalas   Asymmetry Mandalas   Happenings   Hyperbolic Tesselelations Mandalas
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Mandala, large view

A Maze Zing Ahna Ahna Ahna Amun Re Angelica
Arrow Arrow Authentic Self Authentic Self Authentic Self Authentic Self
Authentic Self Authentic Self Balloon Bowling for Sunshine Butterfly Calla Lilies
Council of Twelve Council of Twelve Crystalite Deco Dove Dove
Dove Dreamcatcher Essence of Being Essence of Being Eternal Eternal
Eternal Falcon Falcon Falcon Flare Fly Away With Me
Follow the Bouncing Ball Follow the Bouncing Ball Follow the Bouncing Ball Glory Hearts As One Hearts As One
Lilacs Lotus Wheel Lotus Wheel Mosaic Mystery Rainbow Oh Tannenbaum
On The Beach One Nation One Nation Portal Primrose Primrose
Re Re Re Re Resurrection Roses
Sacred Sacred Geometry Sanctuary Scarab Scarab Shine On
Simply Divine Snowflake 2005 Snowflake 2005 Snowflake 2006 Snowflake 2006 Snowflake 2007
Star Power Star Power Sun Goddess Sun Goddess Sunrise Tail Feathers
True Heart Tut Unity Horizon Venus Vivian Vivian
Water Vessel Wings Wings    

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