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The Mandala Lady::Art for the well-being of your heart, mind, and soul

Artist Statement

Falcon MandalaFor me, creating mandalas is more than just coloring pretty patterns in a circle. I do it because my spiritual evolution and my creativity demand it of me. With each new pattern that catches my eye, I want to play with it, turn it around, twist it, turn it upside down, try it this way and that...and THEN go about coloring it...sometimes more than once. I do this all within an active meditative state, connected with my higher self, my spiritual guides and nature spirits.

Together, we bring into form, mandala art the allows me to re-connect with my own inner peace and joy, letting me explore and expand my own creative spirit to however far and in whatever direction I want to take it.

As part of my own spiritual journey, I encourage, and hopefully inspire, others to explore their own creativity, to help them re-connect with their own inner peace and joy. As a means to that end, I make all of my mandalas available for people to color. Why should I have all the fun?

The Process

I first hand-sketch each mandala using paper and pencil. For the Symmetry and Hyperbolic Tessellation mandalas, I made a guide to put under my paper which allows me to free-hand draw while maintaining symmetry, giving it a more organic look and feel. I scan the drawing into my computer and then trace/draw it into Illustrator. When I’m ready to color or paint it, I print it onto artist quality paper.

From there it becomes an exploration into colors and texture. I rarely know in advance the look of the finished mandala. Trusting my guides and intuition as I paint, it grows and evolves into a three-dimensional piece, rich with color; often with the surprise of a whole new pattern emerging.

The Media

I use a variety of media to paint the mandalas, including acrylics, color pencil, markers and watercolors. I let each mandala guide me as to what media to use.


Symmetry Mandalas

Eternal Mandala copyright 1999 It starts with the circle; whole and complete. In meditation, I draw a pattern repeatedly around the circle. Often a whole new pattern emerges, as if a gift for taking the time to encircle the pattern. With the symmetry mandalas comes a message, inspirational poem, or affirmation. The words usually come while either drawing the mandalas or while coloring/painting them.

Asymmetry Mandalas

Cosmic Sundae copyright 2007 It starts with the circle; whole and complete. In meditation, with little if any forethought, I draw whatever I see in my mind’s eye. Usually it begins with a simple idea and then grows as if drawing itself. The true essence of this mandala style comes when coloring/painting; taking a simple drawing and bringing it to life with color and dimension.

Hyperbolic Tessellation Mandalas

Garden Delight In July 2009 I visited the MC Escher exhibit at the Portland Art Museum (Oregon). Seeing MC Escher's Circle Limit IV (Angels & Demons) blew me away. However, 1 was even more fascinated by the graph system he used to help him create it. After a few months of research I was able to create my own graph. As with the Symmetry Mandalas, I start with a simple pattern idea, tessellate it around the hyperbolic plan which often generates at least two new patterns.

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